Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings washington dc

Tooth Colored/White Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are not only safer, more comfortable and a gentle dental procedure, they are also much more ideal match to your existing teeth, whitened to blend in with your mouth. Thanks to modern technology and our ultra safe and improved procedures, you can also expect a tooth whitening matched filling to outlast a metal filling by a long time. Can you put a price on a process that is not only more pleasant but also keeps you out of our chair for a more extended period?

What To Expect.

With a tooth whitened filling, first you will have the cavity removed and the tooth cleaned. Hopefully, the decay is slight enough that a root canal is not needed. Our process is a gentle oral surgery to remove the decay.

Next, a primer and bonding agent are applied to the newly cleaned and whitened cavity to help adhesion. Next, the filling is color matched to existing teeth for a proper whitening level and shaped to a natural look.

Finally, there is a light used for a rapid hardening and your bite is checked for a natural feel and comfort. The result is a lot of pain relief and a more satisfying, natural look and feel.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of a tooth color matched filling are few but substantial. Primarily it is much more pain-free dental work. A metal filling can cause discomfort for years to come, even just in cold weather. A natural white tooth is not only more comfortable be makes the tooth stronger and healthier than before. Gone is the tooth sensitivity, the ugly metal color, and it becomes a more natural smile.

Naturally Beautiful Results

A natural color white tooth filling is just overall superior. Every problem of a metal filling is removed and improved upon in a painless and comfortable setting. You will have a naturally beautiful smile in our naturally beautiful Washington DC office. Even if you do not need any new work, you might want to consider replacing those old fillings. Give us a call and make a plan to improve your smile and happiness today.