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drill free fillings in washington dc

Understanding aging and oral health

If there is one motivation for visiting a dentist ASAP, then it is the possibility of tooth decay without painful drilling. If you have begun to experience tooth pain, you want to make a point to visit our Washington DC dental office. The key to pain free dental work and avoiding any emergency treatment is early care. You may be able to have a gently dental procedure that is drill free cavity removal. If caught early enough a micro air want can be used to spray away decay in a painless manner without the dreaded drilling sound. No numbing, needles or invasive procedure needed. Call now and schedule an appointment as soon as possible before it becomes too late and you may need a full root canal.

How Do Drill Free Fillings Work?

Drill-free fillings are the most advanced, gentle and pain-free cavity removal in the market. No oral surgery needed and a gentle process. Our office always has the most state of the art equipment to ensure a pleasant experience. Give us a call to find out if a drill-free cavity removal can work for you.

No drill fillings work by using a forced air tool that is similar to a light and gentle dental sand blaster operating at low pressure for more comfort. The result is little to no discomfort and unpleasant sounds and sensations that can happen with more invasive dental care. Remember, early cavity removal is necessary, so prevention and regular visits are necessary to take advantage of this, if you want to avoid a painful root canal, this is the way to go.

Here Are The Benefits

The benefits to no drill fillings are in every way. No oral surgery, no root canal, no tooth pain, no emergency need, no tooth extraction or crown needed. However, you do get a more natural repair, less pain, a more natural white appearance, and no need for any invasive surgery or injections.

Most importantly, no drill. No grinding tooth chunks in your mouth and smell of burning enamel. Just a clean simple process.

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