Single Implants

Single Tooth Dental Implants in Washington DC

If you lose or break a tooth, a single tooth dental implant procedure may be the best option you have for restoring your smile. Single tooth dental implants are effective in both replacing a lost tooth and still maintaining a natural-looking smile.

Read on to learn more about single tooth dental implants and whether or not they are right for you. If you'd like to schedule a consultation, feel free to visit our contact us page to get in touch with a live representative from Connecticut Ave Cosmetic Dentistry today.

What Are The Benefits Of A Single-Tooth Implant?

Here are the benefits of single-tooth implants:

  • Increased comfort levels. Say good-bye to any feeling of discomfort or pain that you may have due to gum exposure.
  • Boost your oral health and self-esteem with a healthy, white smile that will last for years to come.
  • Enhanced ability to eat, chew and speak.
  • Single-tooth implants look and feel 100% natural.

Do I Qualify?

Your health plays a vital role in qualifying you for this procedure. Other conditions that would affect you from qualifying as a patient would be:

  • Smoking or history of smoking.
  • Medical issues, heart issues.
  • Gum disease or cancer.
  • Dental bridges that have already been inserted.
  • Poor/weak bone structure or bone loss.
  • The length in which your tooth or teeth have been missing.

Here's what you need to do in order to get started: Give us a call to schedule a single-tooth implant consultation in Washington, DC. We'll ask you a series of questions that will help us better understand your overall health condition. During your consultation you will be able to speak to Dr. Shukoor and his team regarding any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.

How does implant placement work?

First, your dentist will perform surgery to place the implant in your jaw. Next, the surrounding bone will heal via a process called osseointegration, during which the bone grows around the implant to hold it firmly in place. Finally, your dentist will complete the implant placement process by placing on the post an artificial tooth, or crown, which resembles your natural teeth.

If you are missing a single tooth, a single-tooth implant procedure can both replace your missing tooth and also protect your root from future damage/decaying.

procedure for a single tooth implant

Single Tooth Replacement: Know Your Options

How long does implant placement take?

Once the implant placement surgery is completed — usually in an hour or two — the healing process begins, and this can take as long as six months. Additionally, the fitting of the permanent replacement tooth is usually accomplished in one to three weeks. Your dentist may provide you with a temporary replacement to help you eat and speak normally until the permanent replacement is ready. If your bone structure is strong enough, however, your dentist may be able to place the implant and replacement tooth in one visit.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Most patients will adjust to implants immediately. Some people may feel slight discomfort or notice differences in their chewing or speech, but these symptoms are usually temporary.

How should I care for my implant?

A major reason some implants fail is poor hygiene. It’s important to brush implants at least twice a day, as well as to floss. Additionally, as many as four dental cleanings per year may be necessary to maintain gum health.